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CBD OILS and Jiu Jitsu Athletes

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There are a lot of studies out in the wild about the effects of CBD Oil and we encourage you to do your own research on the subject; a simple Google search on the potential benefits of CBD will yield thousands of results. We offer no guidelines or advice in any way about the effects of CBD Oil products.

You have two options with how to take CBD supplements. You can either take the drops / tincture, which is made up of CBD Oil and various other elements blended with food grade oils that are easy to digest. Or, you can vape, which heats up and vaporises the CBD oil along with other natural flavours. These oils are flavoured with terpenes from the cannabis plant, which create that distinctive taste familiar to many marijuana smokers. The CBD oil supplements come in varying strengths for you to try.

One thing to note is that our CBD oils are 100% legal in the United Kingdom, as they contain the smallest amount possible (minimal / trace / zero) THC, which is the psychoactive (and controlled) constituent of the cannabis plant. Please check whether CBD products are legal in your country before buying.

CBD Oil first came to our notice, and the notice of many combat sports athletes, in this famous UFC press conference with Nick Diaz, after he fought Conor Mcgregor. In the post-fight press conference Nate can be seen vaping. When questioned on it, he says ““It’s CBD. It helps with the healing process and inflammation and stuff like that.”

Joe Rogan, long a proponent of cannabis use, discussed CBD oils with fellow comedian and cannabis advocate Joey Diaz on his podcast. This is one of many times they have discussed the use of CBD oil.

Here at CBD Barn, we stock Canavape and Raised Spirit, why not try them to see what CBD can do for you?

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