About Us

CBD Barn is run by a group of CBD enthusiasts based in Dorset, England, near the famous Jurassic Coast.

We all have backgrounds with other companies, and started CBD Barn because we are all passionate advocates for the benefits of CBD (cannabidiol), and we saw a large gap in the market for a well-maintained and easy to use website that provided a smooth shopping experience. Due to outdated regulations still present in the UK, despite the fact that CBD is a 100% legal compound, many of the high street banks and payment gateways stricly limited the buying and selling of CBD, making the online shopping process highly stressful.

Here at CBD Barn we spent a long time laying the groundwork for our back-end systems, meaning that for you, the customer, the shopping experience is smooth and reliable – you can pay with your credit card or debit card the same as you would with any other site.

We are excited to bring you what we believe to be the finest CBD products on the market, all packaged up in an easy to use website.